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How a Lifestyle Manager can Help your Family

Arlene Brunn, CCS

ADHD is the most frequently diagnosed behavioral disorder in children. Its impact can be widespread, affecting not only school and academic performance, but home, peer relationships and social-emotional development. Families are faced with a larger number of behavioral, development and educational disturbances requiring more time, logistics and energy to be spent. These demands cause more stress on marriages and the family as a whole. This also causes the financial burden of treating the disorder and its associated psychiatric disorders. When the family is chronically stressed, both the children and adults are at a higher risk for other physical and mental health issues.

How can a lifestyle manager/concierge help?

Lifestyle managers/concierge are showing up in almost every industry these days (automotive, medical, credit card companies, department stores, you name it!). Personal lifestyle managers are being utilized by families– turning more and more of their lives over to others. Families have a big range of problems to deal with – kids, carpools, dogs, homes. Lifestyle managers are not just a fringe benefit for the wealthy and celebrities anymore; people are hiring them to help them with their busy lives.

Lifestyle managers are here to do the things that you have to, giving you time to do the things you want to, like spend more time with your family and friends, relax or just get through the week!*

Some of the things they can do to help your family:

General errands – dry cleaning, pharmacy pickups, grocery shopping, gift shopping/wrapping/shipping, wait for services (utility, cable, contractors), taking car to get serviced

Special projects – contractor referrals, oversee remodels, assist with events, organizing, home watch services, pet services

Concierge services – obtaining tickets, reservations, travel arrangements

And much much more!!!

*(Adapted from “52 Ways to Use a Concierge” by Katharine Giovanni, CCS).


SPRING CLEANING  March 16, 2015

With the end (we hope) of a harsh winter comes the promise of spring and a sense of renewal and rebirth. This is seen in nature with the flower buds blooming, new baby animals at the zoo and in humans when we start our annual ritual called Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning can be more than just decluttering the closets, garage or offices in our home/business. It can symbolize a purging of bad habits, behaviors or thoughts in our life.

An organizer can teach you how to set up your closets or office properly to keep you on track. A housekeeper can come in and thoroughly clean out your home. A therapist or minister can help with changing unwanted behaviors. A physician can assist with medical issues. A lifestyle manager can take the load off and bring a sense of balance back to your home/work life by taking care of your to-do-list.

Wherever the clutter, there is someone out there to help you with your spring cleaning needs. Once you realize that you cannot do it all and help is out there for you, then decide whether you are willing to delegate this endeavor and then ask for help. Let the cleaning begin!


WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH?  September 3, 2014

We live in a busy world. Our lives are dictated by our jobs, school, family, church, travels, volunteerism, pets and a host of other commitments. We think we have to fill every slot in our calendars whether it is to feel important or because we seem to have trouble saying "no"! Whatever the reason, it happens and then we feel overwhelmed when we cannot do it all. We get stressed, then our health suffers, then our pocketbook and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Sound familiar? I think we can all relate. So what can you do to minimize that stress and find a balance in your work and personal life?

Start small. Take baby steps. Learn to say NO to the things that really do not matter at the end of the day. Find out what is most important to you now and in the long term. What are you most passionate about? Obviously there are some things you HAVE to do such as work, school, taking care of your children. Make those a priority.

Prioritize, categorize,minimize and organize! Take control of your life and your calendar. Learn to delegate tasks, donate the things you don't need in your home, organize your files/home/office and schedule time for yourself! Pencil in downtime for you by yourself as well as with the spouse (date night) and family via mini vacations or just a weekend hanging out. Hire a sitter for the children, the pets and your home!

Calculate what your time is worth when you have to miss work to meet the electrician or cable tech or take the car to the shop. "The average worker admits to frittering away more than 2.09 hours a day, not counting lunch, on personal business. This costs companies an estimated $759 billion a year.” - Salary.com Consider outsourcing those tasks so you can focus on being productive at work and having more free time with your loved ones. If you have trouble getting the files in order, hire an organizer to take care of it for you.

Remember, baby steps! You too can find work/life balance one small step at a time.

If you need assistance with your to-do list, West Houston Errand Service can help you with that! We service West Houston, Spring Branch, Cypress, & Katy.


How We Helped Our Clients Save Time in 2013

January 9, 2014 

2013 was a busy year for West Houston Errand Service. Our goal is to provide Lifestyle Management Services that enable our clients to get back their valuable time to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Some of the ways we accomplished this last year are as follows:

  • Absentee Home Watch Services
  • Dropped off and picked up dry cleaning
  • Shipped packages
  • Wrapped Christmas gifts
  • Purchased a Tangerine pair of Jimmy Choo’s for an out of state client and shipped to her
  • Mail, bill and file organizing
  • Met Appliance techs for Washer Repair, A/C repair, ice maker repair and oven repair
  • Framed numerous portraits
  • Purchased and hung curtain rods
  • Scheduled and oversaw front door refinishing
  • Shopped for furniture
  • Met locksmith for repairs
  • Picked up and delivered prescriptions
  • Chair repair
  • Watch repair
  • Cable tv wait service
  • Researched, purchased, packaged and shipped 700 rolls of paper towels for a research company
  • Purchased 60 slate cheese boards at Costco and shipped to import company
  • Pet care
  • Researched, contacted and met with contractors to obtain bids for a driveway extension
  • Picked up lockbox and delivered for realtor
  • Courthouse run
  • Researched lot clearing, surveying, obtaining electric service, concrete pouring for lake lots.  Coordinated clearing of 6 lots via phone and email.  Gathered        estimates for surveying and concrete pour.
  • Met exterminator and sprinkler techs
  • Corporate Housing Companies:  walk-through inspections, utility wait services, pickup and return of cable equipment
These are just some of the ways we can help you this year!  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!